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"I speak two languages, Body and Nepali." – Mae West.

It’s no secret that at Learn online nepali we love to speak languages – but what is really being communicated by what we don’t say?
Practising your grammar and vocabulary is without doubt very important, but being aware of what your body is saying can really make a difference!

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Set Yourself Apart When You Travel to Nepal: 10 Things You May Not Know About Nepal

Unquestionably one of the world’s most alluring countries for the adventure traveler, Nepal contains some of the most exciting and unique tours on the planet.
Whether you’re looking for tranquil lakes set around unrivaled landscape scenery, ancient architecture sprawled around quaint, cobbled streets or exhilarating trekking trails, Nepal offers all of this in abundance and at its very best, completely unique to any other country.

All this and then more. Your tours to Nepal will be matched with the overwhelming friendliness of the locals. The Nepalese are renowned for their hospitality and I have to say, I agree. In my eyes they are arguably the warmest, most welcoming nation in the world, making for a very pleasant experience for the traveler.

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